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Thank you for contacting SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB.  We are grateful for the opportunity to discuss our services with you.  Please find below a quick reference of the services we offer and summary of SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB  rental management agreement.


To exceed our customers expectations by providing the highest quality experience and attention and service along the Gulf Coast.  Small company giving more time for detail.

Marketing and Sales Services

SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB employs a year-round multimedia marketing and advertising campaign to maximize rentals and revenue for property owners.

All marketing efforts are a mix of SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB signature tactics as well as cooperative efforts with destination Tourist Development Councils and Convention and Visitor Bureaus.

Through highly effective campaign tracking, our expert Vacation Planner (reservations) team will constantly be updating a market analysis and yield management for your unit.  So as to ensure return on investment, and utmost impact to maximize bottom line rental income for you.

Digital Marketing:  

Unparalleled, full featured website.

High traffic, page views and time on site, with low bounce rate.

Extensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Extended reach plan with geo-targeting opt-in database, repeat guests, advertising leads and previously not booked leads.

Social media strategic application and engagement.

App for guest communication, viral marketing and review sharing. 


Market analysis to set competitive rental rates.

Yield management through constant monitoring of bookings, occupancy and revenue.

Professionally trained Vacation Planner Reservations Team:

Sales training.

Scored calls.

Weekly coaching sessions.

        Customer Relations Management system.

Lead follow-up and outbound calling.

Email response within five minutes of inquiry.

 Consistent property tours to grow product knowledge, team confidence and pride!

Start Up Requirements:

Wifi Enabled Keyless Entry System (installed). $650

Two Complete Linen/Terry Sets.        

Guest Services 

24/7 on call SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB staff available for guest needs.  Prompt response and accurate tracking of all guest requests.

Rental Services

Full Financial Management

Through our full-service accounting department, we provide monthly statements and electronic fund disbursement by the 10th of every following month and collection and remittance of all appropriate taxes.

Owner Portal

Our online Owner Portal provides easy, one-stop access to any owner documents, statements and reports, as well as allows you to view existing reservations and book your own stays.

Owner Referred Reservations

SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB embraces Owner Referred Reservations. 

Guest Fees

Guests pay, in addition to base rentals rates, the cleaning fee, a reservation fee and the taxes.  We also offer optional travel insurance protection through a third party. 

Owner Fees 

We at SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB believe that doing an excellent job for a decent day’s pay is just the way things ought to be. That is why we charge less than ALL onsite rental companies. PERIOD! In fact, we only charge 20% of the gross rentals with no nickel and dime-ing either, where the “onsite” rental companies charge on the average - a whopping 30% of the gross rentals. Our fee is deducted from the monies received and your 80% will be mailed to you along with your monthly report by the 10th of the following month.


All SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB guests have the added value of the SANDCASTLE PERKS program, with discounted rates and specials at many local attractions and restaurants, all at no cost to owners.

Interior Standards

To meet the expectations of our rental guests and to maximize rental income, SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB has maximum interior standards, including required furnishings, housewares and utilities.  


When major appliances need repair or replacement, SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB will communicate with owner prior to coordinating outside repairs with a trusted vendor.


After every guest departure, every unit is inventoried making sure that there is no damage nor missing items. An inspection is performed after every clean certifying the unit is in compliance with SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB cleaning standards.  Should the unit sit for a period of time, the inspector will wipe down kitchen and bath surfaces, spray deodorizer and brush toilets, making the unit fresh for every guest.

                                                  Quality Assurance                                                 

In addition to property departure inspections, Sandcastle Vacations PCB will make monthly inspections of the property and provide owners with recommendations for upgrades and repairs to enhance the property.


SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB believes there is no compromise for cleanliness. You never get a second chance to make an initial impression.  We employ the most comprehensive housekeeping standards and perform detailed inspections before every check in.  Throughout the industry, all check-out cleans are considered surface cleans.  That there just simply isn't enough time or manpower to “spring clean” your unit after each Check-0ut.  We at SANDCASTLE VACATIONS REALLY  D I S A G R E E !!!!!  That is why we don't take on more than we can handle. A clean rental makes a happy renter. And repeat business is what we are trying to achieve.


Our departure cleaning includes:

Kitchen:  clean stove, oven, counter tops, refrigerator and small appliances, wash and place dishes in cabinets.  
clear the trash can and replace the liner.

Bathroom:  clean and disinfect toilets, sinks, bathtub/showers, and all exposed surfaces, clean mirrors and check shower liners.

Glass surface:  all sliding glass doors:  glass coffee tables, end tables, bedside table tops and all mirrors.

Floor: sweep, mop and vacuum the floors.

Furniture:  dust all exposed surfaces.

Linens: replace all linens, make the beds and place towels and wash cloths in the bathrooms.

Amenities: resupply all paper items, body and face soaps, along with laundry soap. 


Every unit is inspected to ensure exceptional housekeeping as well as avoiding any maintenance deficiencies.  An inspection is performed after every clean and prior to every check in: certifying the unit is in compliance with SANDCASTLE VACATIONS PCB cleaning standards.  Should the unit sit for a period of time, the inspector will wipe down kitchen and bath surfaces, spray deodorizer and brush toilets, making the unit fresh for every guest.

Deep Cleans

We require a deep cleaning once a year.  This is important for the health and comfort of your future guests as well as proper maintenance of your condominium.  We will evaluate the individual need of every unit.  

Carpet Cleaning

During the high season you can expect your carpets and tile to wear and discolor from all the renter traffic.  We’ll schedule your carpet and/or tile cleaning on an as needed basis.


Major Repairs

For larger jobs, we have reputable contractors who are available for any work that our maintenance staff cannot perform.  Typically, the major work consists of the air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical components.  If the job is less than $100, we will order the repair, pay for it ourselves and forward the invoice on to you for your records. Now since the average costs for the major items range from $65 to $85 per hour, if the job exceeds $100, we will consult with you prior to making any repairs.  We respond to all emergency requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


     We will handle at our expense:

Replacement of easily accessible (standard) A/C and heating filters on a monthly maintenance schedule. Specialty filters or hard to find sizes will be the responsibility of the owner. 

The adjusting of refrigerator and freezer controls.

The scheduling of all diagnostic service calls (A/C and heating, phone, appliances, electrical, plumbing and internet).


     We will handle at our expense:

The unclogging of toilets, sinks and tubs with normal use of plungers.

The clearing of jammed/clogged disposals and re-setting of disposal                 


The replacing of sink stoppers.


     We will handle at our expense:

The checking and re-setting of electrical breakers and ground fault     

            interrupter outlets.

The replacement of all easily accessible light bulbs (excluding specialty 


The replacement of all batteries for remote controls.

        The replacement of batteries for easily accessible smoke detectors.

        The re-programing of electronic component remote controls.

        Maintain electronic component to keyless entry system.